The manufacturing of flexible solar panels is more affordable in comparison to conventional solar panels. The material consumption in manufacturing is low and can be recycled after their life cycle has ended. The market for organic photovoltaic cells is developing, with a market breakthrough expected within three years. The operating life of panel is few years which is enough for many applications.

Uses of Flexible Solar Panels

Here we have comprised a list where you can compare the uses of flexible solar panels to conventional solar panels.

  • Flexible solar panels are portable solar power systems which can be used on-the-go, for RV’s, autos and boats.
  • They can be used to charge solar batteries.
  • Flexible panels are low-cost off-grid PV systems for homes and cabins.
  • Incorporation into new solar energy consumer products.

These types of panel are useful for various expeditions such as hiking, cycling, kayaking and climbing. Roll-able and flexible panels are also useful on boats, which can reduce the energy demands on the boat motor.

Properties of Flexible Solar Panels

Flexible solar panels are useful in many different situations and environment. Comparing them to conventional, rigid solar panels, these have different properties. Below is a list outlining properties of flexible solar panels.

  • Flexible solar panels are available in a variety of sizes to meet every need.
  • Manufactured with the highest-grade materials and processes.
  • A reliable and efficient source of power for a variety of applications.
  • Great for creating your own solar chargers, products or portable power systems.