12v Inverter Solar Panels. (One Battery of 12V)

a. 2 units of 150W solar panels: ₦76,000. (38,000/one)

b. 12v PWM Solar charge controller: 25,000

c. 10mm copper cable: 16,000 

d. Accessories and installation fee: 20,000

Total: ₦137,000.00


24v Inverter Solar Panels. (Two Batteries of 12V each) 

a. 4 units of 200W solar panels: 180,000. (45,000/one)

b. 24v PWM Solar charge controller: 30,000

c. 10mm copper cable: 16,000 

d. Accessories and installation fee: 30,000

Total: ₦256,000.00

At JEZ Power Company Limited, we believe that quality is the key to ensuring that our work and the solutions we provide to our customers will stand the test of time.. We do the job right and perform independent verification of our work to ensure that we are delivering the best quality results.

 In addition to the quality initiatives that provide a direct benefit to our customers, we strive for quality in our internal processes and procedures for the benefit of our employee-owners. Our management team maintains an open-door policy that allows employee-employers to address concerns that may arise in a constructive and responsive environment.

Our Quality Mantra

  • To achieve delivery compliance as per customer’s requirement
  • To achieve quality norms as per customer’s requirements.
  • To increase sales turnover by 25-30% than last year.
  • To reduce product non-conformance at all stages to less than 1.0%.

Nigeria needs massive trained work force for solar energy revolution. For the amount of energy we need, we require a lot more technical expertise in this area. India is picking up in the solar job market area as heavy solar investments are flowing in. Many developed countries has invested Millions of Dollars in Nigeria, specifically in the green energy area. As this solar technology is relatively new to Nigeria, there aren't many qualified, experienced professionals available.

Be among the first in your group to join the upcoming green energy revolution..

We have specifically tailored the course structure to fit your explicit needs, our courses are broadly categorized into four groups.

  • Solar Plant Architects

This course is for Solar Project Engineers needing to learn how to produce high quality feasibility reports, drawings and specifications for small to large grid-tied PV systems, including power stations and megawatt solar farms. Such documentation is frequently desired by architectural design teams, engineering firms, developers. This class will cover design engineering, design drawing development, creation of feasibility reports, and construction management.

Solar water pumping systems are an excellent way to ensure uninterrupted water supply to your agricultural field, farm house or gardens. Areas suffering from erratic grid power supply can opt for this solution to maximize yield and ensure regular water supply.

Solar Frontier CIS modules due to their excellent low-light performance and light soaking effect can deliver water from early morning to evenings.


  1. Converting existing AC submersible pump to solar powered submersible pump system.
  2. Complete solar powered submersible pump system, ranges from 0.5 HP to 15 HP.
  3. Complete solar powered surface pump system, ranges from 0.5 HP to 15 HP.

Solar lighting options are a smart way to save on energy costs. These come in aesthetic designs to integrate seamlessly with your environs, whether it’s a home, corporate or institution.


These are environment-friendly, lasts longer and come in a variety of designs.

JEZ Power Company Limited has a range of Energy Efficient LED Street Lighting Products and Home Lighting systems that can be connected for Solar and AC application.

We use the latest technology in LED Drivers which delivers high efficiency and extended life. A Solar LED Street Lighting system typically works for 25 to 30 years, if battery is maintained and changed every 5 to 8 years. A Home Lighting system typically works for 50,000 burning hours, if battery is maintained and changed every 5 to 8 years.

As an institution, your energy requirements are diverse and critical. Investing in a solar PV system brings definite financial benefits and positively impacts your bottomlines.

Apart from salaries and machinery, energy is the highest operating expenses for almost all organizations. ArrayTech understands your need for a secure, reliable investment that helps you conserve resources and save money.

Our global quality solar installation brings you immediate financial, environmental and social benefits.



  • Produces most energy when most needed (during daytime)
  • Protects against increasing energy costs
  • Provides predictable pricing equal to or below retail energy rates

Generate and use your own electricity. Turn your roof into an economic asset

Put up your own solar power plant on your rooftop and get:

  1. Clean and permanently cheaper power
  2. Reimbursement for surpluses returned to the grid
  3. Independence from inevitable electricity price hikes
  4. Improved image as environmentally responsible citizen

JEZ Power Company Ltd has unrivaled experience in the design, installation and maintenance of renewable energy systems into the commercial sector. With a full multi technology capability for all renewable energy technologies, we are able to design the renewable energy solution that best fits the needs of your projects.

Our in house design team can help you through the planning and design process to provide the best financial and technical solution.

Our founding ethos was to be “best in class” and this remains our guiding principle. We have a full nationwide capability supported by a network of regional offices ensuring we can give you this market leading service across the Nigeria.

We have a large direct employed workforce of installation engineers all of who are CRB checked and trained the highest possible level in the respective disciplines.