More Advantages of Solar Energy Explained          

  1. Major improvements in solar panel efficiency give more energy harness

As of 2019, the solar panel current efficiency ranges between 15 to 17%, with 25% being the maximum recorded. But scientists may have created a new solar cell technology that can reach up to 44.5% efficiency!

Further innovations in the future in the field of nanotechnology and solar cell manufacturing can potentially help in increasing the efficiency of panels.

  1. Tax incentives and federal grants are available to sustain initial cost of operation for individual solar power users

While it is true that upfront cost of going solar can be intimidating, the different government bodies have agreed on allowing tax incentives and federal grants to sustain initial costs. This is to encourage people to invest in solar panel systems.

  1. Renewable energy source

Environmentalists have favored solar energy for its eco-friendly solutions. Solar energy is available in almost all areas in the world every day. It’s free and clean energy as well.

  1. Eco-friendly with no carbon footprint

When you harness the sun’s energy, there’s no necessary pollution created. There may be a few amount carbon footprints when manufacturing and installing solar power systems. But comparing solar systems with conventional energy systems, emissions are significantly minimal.

  1. No electric bills to pay every month

With solar energy, you can have free electricity and be grid-independent. Other solar products such as solar street lights are also off-grid for outdoor lighting. They do not require electricity from the grid. With this, you don’t need to pay for operation costs each month, which can lead to higher ROI and more savings.

  1. Independence from fossil fuel, coal or oil power plants.

This is perhaps the greatest benefit from solar power. That is, solar energy systems eliminate our reliance on non-renewable energy sources. This can potentially help in fighting global warming and climate crisis.

  1. Better aesthetics and more innovative options

Because of technological advancements, the design and operation of solar energy equipment have improved a lot. The color, pattern and aesthetics of solar energy systems have also been enhanced to make the operation and installation more humanized and more convenient.

  1. Low maintenance and no moving parts

You only have to make sure that the surface and parts are clean and free from too much snow and dust. Cleaning companies are now available for professionally cleaning solar panels and equipment. There are also no moving parts so the structure is sturdy.

Since the lifespan of solar panels is 20 to 35 years, you wouldn’t have to replace them every once in a while. However, you need to replace the inverter every 5 to 10 years. The cables also need to be maintained to make sure that your solar energy system runs efficiently.

  1. Backup battery can be used to store solar energy

For street lighting systems, you can opt for grid-tied solar street light solutions with battery backup systems. With this setup, you can potentially save on utility costs when you use the electricity in your battery backup whenever there is a power outage or at certain times of the year.

  1. Provides more jobs

According to a solar industry census, solar energy industries can employ more people.

  1. Earn incentives by contributing energy to the grid

Net metering credits and SREC credits are a major advantage of solar that encourages people to earn extra cash and bill credits from their solar energy systems.

With these, the electric company will give you compensation for the electricity you contribute to the grid. They will simply connect a metering device to your solar system to know how much energy you are generating.

  1. Solar has many diverse applications such as heating water, powering cars and many more

You can practically use solar power in many diversified applications. Aside from generating electricity, you can also generate solar thermal energy or heat. It can also power cars. Solar energy can also be used to distill water and power space satellites.