At JEZ solar we believe that there is a better way to power our lives. We believe in writing a new energy story for our nation. We want to make things better, from the environment to your family budget. Solar power is the simpler, smarter, cleaner way. As the price of oil is steadily increasing, the price of solar energy is on the decline – creating new job opportunities. If you are considering a career in the solar industry but are still on the fence about it, we have put together five reasons that will help you take the plunge.

  1. you get to work in an industry that is helping combine climate change:

 The solar industry is creating a more prosperous future for generations to come. The average residential solar system offsets about 100,000 lbs. of carbon dioxide in 20 years – the equivalent of driving a car for 100,000 miles. Working in the solar helps you leave work every day feeling fulfilled knowing you are creating a world run on clean, renewable energy. The threat of climate change has increased significantly over the last few decades leaving us to take immediate action. Solar helps fight climate change by providing an alternative energy solution that is both clean and affordable.

  1. There is a huge potential for job growth:

Clean energy is building a new workforce in the Nigeria. Renewable energy sectors aren’t backing down anytime soon. The industry has a wide range of well-paying jobs for workers of all backgrounds. According to the 2018 national solar jobs census released by the solar foundation – the United States has 242,353 solar workers. In the past 10 years, the solar workforce has grown by 159 percent adding around 150, 0000 jobs.

  1. 3. The industry is constantly evolving:

Our nation is showing increasing support for the clean energy economy. More governments, businesses, utility companies, and homeowners are investing in solar. Demand for clean energy is growing as new pv technology is gaining momentum. Several states and utility companies across the world have set 100% clean energy goals. When you choose a career in the solar industry you are choosing to be part of a movement that is constantly advancing. Each day new technology is being developed to create more efficient and affordable solar panels, inverters, and racking systems.

  1. 4. Love what you do:

You don’t always have the chance to lower people’s bills, champion a cause, and save the planet. This can be done all in a day’s work in the solar industry. Majority of people in the solar industry work there because they are passionate about renewables and truly want to make a difference through the work they do. Working in solar allows you to surround yourself with people who share the same enthusiasm.

  1. 5. Make great money:

Starting wages in solar are high compared to other industries. As you gain more experience over time, your pay will likely increase as well. There is an increasing demand for skilled professionals like electricians, photovoltaic installers, tech support, and sales representatives.


Finding a career in solar that is right for you


Solar installers are responsible for installing and maintaining the solar equipment to meet code. They pull inventory for each installation and assemble the solar modules and mounting hardware.  Other various tasks performed by solar installers include: connecting solar panels to inverters, and assembling, testing, and maintaining electrical wiring, equipment, and fixtures. Installers must be comfortable with climbing ladders and being on roofs for extended amounts of time. Solar installer’s work office scenery changes day-to-day as they are installing at different locations. This is a great job for people who love working outdoors and being physically active.


Being an electrician in the solar field requires proper certification and expertise. As an electrician, you would be responsible for understanding pv code requirements and installing the electrical portion of the install; including wiring, main service panels, and other various components. Electricians are responsible for completing projects within time frames and budgets while still maintaining high quality and safety standards.

System designer

Pave designers complete the electrical and structural designs for photovoltaic systems.  They are responsible for doing all of the necessary calculations to size the solar system and select its components. Designers establish the project’s electrical and mechanical specifications. An undergraduate degree in engineering is preferred, however, with the right training experience you can become a photovoltaic rooftop designer.

Project manager

Project managers are responsible for coordinating, planning and providing a wonderful experience to customers throughout the duration of their solar project. Project managers must be proactive and have strong problem-solving skills. As a project manager, you will find yourself speaking with customers, cities, and utility companies on a daily basis. This job is perfect for individuals who are great at multitasking and handling high-stress situations.


Warehouse and inventory employees are the logistics behind the magic. In order to ensure that demand is met, they must develop inventory monitoring processes. Solar fleet managers work closely with third-party vendors and oversee the logistics of the solar equipment. to hold a position as an inventory or warehouse you must hold a technical understanding of solar energy systems and the industry as a whole. This is the perfect position for someone who enjoys complex problem solving and critical thinking.


Sales representatives are a crucial aspect of any solar business. they bring in the customers while acting as the face of the company. Their job is to contact potential customers and help them find a solar solution that fits their energy needs. They keep potential customers informed by providing proposals, quotes, savings estimates, and answering and questions homeowners may have before making the switch to solar. Other jobs in sales include appointment setter, inside salesperson, sales support representative, and sales recruiter. Working in sales is a great job for someone who has a talent for selling and educating. If you enjoy communicating and meeting new people then this is the job for you.

Proposals specialist

Proposal specialists work closely with sales representatives to prepare clean and viable proposals to be presented to potential customers. they must prepare accurate savings estimates for customers using aurora. Must be able to work with deadlines and make necessary changes quickly on the fly.

 The solar industry is complex and holds many more job titles than what we can list here. from finance experts to web design and marketing there are a lot of occupations to explore in the world of solar. If you are interested in a career at JEZ solar, solar you can view open positions on our website.  At JEZ solar, our mission is to power people, and we believe that together we can power change. Our planet needs saving, are you in?