Here are the top players for LED street light manufacturing:

  1. Philips/Signify

Founded: 1891

Philips/Signify is one of the best LED street light manufacturers in the world. The company has an enormous portfolio of LED lighting products which can be used in a variety of applications. This includes street lighting, interior lighting, retrofits and many more. Their strong global presence and renowned products has enabled them to export to over 70 countries worldwide.

Signify is an active advocate in smart city promotion

Philips has been up for over 125 years. They have invested a lot in R&D, innovation and reach expansion to make world-class lighting solutions.

Their products are not only cost effective, but also environmentally-friendly.

Simply put, when you buy LED lights from Philips, their products are extremely guaranteed that you won’t have to worry about any downtime.

If an established manufacturer is what you’re looking for, Philips can be it.

  1. Osram

Founded: 1919

The company specializes in the development of opt-semiconductor products. Aside from LED lighting solutions, they also market their top-of-the-line sensor technologies.

Over the years, Osram has overwhelmed the world with their high-quality LED solutions that has the ability to closely match natural lighting

This can not only improve roadway visibility, but also help animals stabilize their visions in the night and prevent light pollution.

Hence, Osram is also a promising company to partner with.

  1. Hubbell

Founded: 1963

Hubbell has over 57 years of experience in manufacturing outdoor lighting solutions. The company also supplies a wide range of residential lights, and industrial and commercial lights.

The company is known for creating innovative solutions and technology for delivering high performance lighting.

Globally, Hubbell has served the commercial, industrial, electrical distributor and contractor markets.

  1. Acuity Brands

Founded: 2001

Acuity Brands has over 19 years of experience in manufacturing LEDs and other lighting solutions. They have a wide range of products for both indoor and outdoor lighting.

Acuity Brands is a proud holder of advanced LED lighting technology integrated with humanized, digital controls. They also offer organic LEDs.


  1. Nichia Corporation

Founded: 1956

Nichia Corporation has over 64 years of experience in the design and manufacture of LEDs for street lights, display and other indoor and outdoor applications.

One of the key highlights of the company is being the first to revolutionize white LED. They are also the leader for many LED innovations such as the UV LED, which captured the world’s attention. With that, we can expect a lot of other great innovations from this company.

  1. GE Lighting

Founded: 1911

GE Lighting is one of the oldest and most established LED manufacturers and distributors in this list. With the company having over 109 years of experience, they have patented tons LED lighting solutions.

GE LED bulbs are quite unique in the market. They feature sleep/wake support, with voice control and visual timers.

In 2015, the company has released a range of LED lights for display with astounding and relaxing colors. In outdoor lighting applications, they feature the “LED+ Dusk to Dawn” designed with a built-in sensor to sustain night lighting. For street lighting, they developed “Evolve GE Lighting” for roadway lighting.




  1. Eaton Cooper

Founded: 1911

Eaton has delivered both commercial and industrial lighting products across the globe. The company has over 109 years of experience in the LED industry.

Eaton’s LED products featured in 2019’s IES Progress Report

Eaton has helped millions of people with their efficient lighting solutions. They have exported their products to over 175 countries.

Eaton has put much dedication in improving their products to become sustainable and eco-friendly.

They have developed tons of power management technologies that are both reliable and efficient.

  1. Cree

Founded: 1987

Cree has over 33 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying LED lights. So far, the company has been one of the most popular distributors of LEDs for street lights. This is because Cree holds high quality lighting with down-to-earth pricing.

We have been seeing Cree strive on producing superior lighting that can match up affordability. In 2013, they’ve launched the first warm LED for only $10, a time when the average price was $11-$13. In that same year, they’ve launched the lowest priced LED Street light in the market.

Cree’s support on sustainable movements

Cree LED chips are highly recommended and used for many solar street light lamp fixtures.

They are a combination of InGaN materials and SiC substrates, which deliver the required endurance coupled with high performance needed by semiconductor equipment.

Cree also develops a variety of indoor and outdoor lighting and smart automated lighting.

If you want value-priced LED street illumination with undeterred quality, Cree is the best choice.

  1. Bridgelux

Founded: 2002

Bridgelux has over 18 years of experience in manufacturing and marketing cost-effective and solid-state lighting solutions. The company has established its name for delivering clean and excellent performance LED lights.

Bridgelux has patented several illumination technologies for various applications. They carry high bay lights for warehouses and factories, as well as outdoor lights for roadways, building exteriors, parking lots and landscapes.

  1. LED Roadway Lighting/Liveable Cities

Founded: 2007

LED Roadway Lighting has over 13 years of experience in producing smart LED lighting systems. They also hold smart street lighting products that are being distributed all over the world, in 60 countries.

The company also provides LED illumination solutions for smart cities, such as LED streetlights, sensors, network technology and management software. Their Streetlight Intelligence (SLiQ) has been one of the most in-demand products this 2019 and it was featured in the IES Progress Awards.


In choosing an LED lamp for your street light replacement or retrofit, price goes hand-in-hand with product quality and performance. We hope that this article has helped you choose the right LED street lighting manufacturer to provide you with reliable products.